How Mobile Applications Are Changing Our Lives For Good

I’ve tried this out myself with a test account and posted what I saw here (Blocking someone on Twitter – what can they see? (14 January 2014)) but it may not be the same for everyone. Any other account protected by a password and 2FA, such as your email and social-media presences, may also be at risk. Can you email it over to me? Not much. Your tweets won’t show up in their timeline or mentions, they won’t hear from you unless they go looking (they can click ‘view tweets’ on desktop Twitter or log out to view your tweets etc). Any tweets that a blocked person sends to @YourTwitterName won’t show up in your mentions or interactions. If you try and follow them a popup will appear telling you that you can’t, because the person has requested that you can’t. Similarly if you try and favourite or RT one of their tweets you’ll get a message saying your account can’t do that (with favouriting you don’t get a message as such, just that it’s impossible to make the favourite ‘stick’). At the risk of lengthening this blog post to the point of ridiculousness I thought I’d try and answer directly some of the questions that people type into Google that bring them here.

I’ve not updated the post below but please be aware that it may now be slightly out of date. If u do not like posts regular from this page then day by day u’ll b an inactive fan and further any kind of post from this page won’t appear on ur wall.. It’s a bit like stealth blocking. Blocking someone does not and cannot stop them from seeing your tweets. People quickly worked out that all you had to do was search for tweets from (or to) them or use a different browser (or account) to view their profile, so it was clear that blocking didn’t mean very much. If you use Echofon on iPhone or iPad at time of writing (12 Dec) you’ll still be able to see their profile anyway so you need to use the Twitter service to find this out. View their profile on Twitter dot com or Twitter for iPhone (I assume it’s the same for Twitter for Android and things like that).

“It’s a combination of numbers that people have voluntarily given us and, like other political parties elsewhere in the country have used, we’re making use of a program that generates mobile numbers,” Hann said. Since people don’t have to use their real names to create an account you cannot be certain if they’re someone you want to have following you or not. You can pre-emptively block someone who isn’t following you, but they can still read your tweets. Frank Freeman, a Houston-based espresso machine repairman who supports Mr. O’Rourke, received the fishy text message on Wednesday, and posted a screenshot to Facebook. He was able to read her text messages, listen to her calls, and track her location using GPS. You’ll get a remote access to the data about the current location and history of GPS locations of the target phone. However if an individual’s mobile is compromised, the hacker can have easy access to personal data and can even manipulate it, which might concern him too.

If there’s no one on the road, it might be more acceptable to pick up the call then if we’re in rush hour. Block them. But note that it only stops that account from contacting you via Twitter, it doesn’t stop that account (or a new one they’ve just created) from reading your tweets. The purpose of blocking, as Twitter sees it, is to prevent someone from contacting you via Twitter. Twitter platforms will no longer show the tweets in search results of someone who has blocked you. If you block someone on twitter can they see your tweets? If you’re not following them then you won’t see their tweets (or their RTs or favouriting of your tweets) and they won’t know that you’ve blocked them. Lock your account. This will stop everyone from reading your tweets, unless they’re already following you. Best ways to read anyone’s text conversations secretly can see your tweets, unless your account is locked and all your followers are trustworthy and haven’t had their passwords pinched.

How long are messages able to be read from the same data plan? In the Value Data field change the value to 0 (zero) . A ‘data plan’ is an agreed amount of data that can be sent from your phone – without being charged for it. Yes, they can do this by viewing your profile, searching for tweets sent to or from you, finding tweets in a hashtag stream or logging out. However if they haven’t blocked you they will now get a notification that you’re following them – so I don’t know of any way to find out if they’ve blocked you that doesn’t risk alerting them if they actually haven’t! Also, even people who are legitimately following you can still take a screenshot of your tweets and share that, or manually retweet your tweets by copying and pasting the text. Avoid following people who have no profile information or picture.

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